Concert featuring:
Severed Ties –
Flight From Below -www.
Shaken –
To Love a Monster –
One Day at a Time –

This benefit concert will help a friend of the church pay for a costly surgery! Asking for $5 a ticket or other donation amount. No tickets sold in advance. Gate opens at 6:30 p.m. Show up early! It’s gonna be great!

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Scrub a Toilet

I remember when I was hired at The Grove Church.  I was told my job description would be to learn about ministry in a church. Since we are a new church, we do not have a secretary or janitor, which means those duties fall upon the staff.  The student pastor and I clean the church, take out trash, and clean the restrooms every Friday.  While most people say those jobs are what a grunt or goffer does, and little respect is given to those who do these tasks, may I remind you that this true in the secular world, but not in the Christian world. I find it very humbling to do these tasks, although I also do other things for the church like teach, make visits, and help plan ministry events with our staff.
I remember hearing a pastor explain it like a pyramid. In the secular world, the CEO is on top, and the lowest people are on the bottom of the pyramid. Well in Christian leadership it’s the opposite.  We lead by humility. We do not lead with pide and power, and the interesting way God reminds us where we are in our leadership is when we find ourselves scrubing toilets and washing dishes. We should remember that Christ washed the diciples feet in the upper room. The feet were dirty and smelly, but he washed them to show how a leader should lead. We may not wash feet in the 21st century, but I can tell you, we still can lead by humility!  Today, may I recommend some reading?  Study John chapter 14, or you can read Jesus on Leadership by C. Gene Wilks.

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Energizer bunny

Do you remember the energizer bunny commercial. He keeps going and going.  That”s how I felt this last trimester at William Carey University. I just finished up the winter trimester and it was the most challenging semester I ever had in my life.  Iit was sometimes frustrated with late nights of studying and writing papers I knew it would be hard to finish, but I knew I had to finish strong, because in James chapter one it tells us to persevere and finish strong. Let me ask you a question: when things happen in your life, do you finish strong? This semester I challenge you to finish strong!  The Word says it’s going to be hard and I speak from experience that it is true. So in closing remember to be strong and finish strong.

In Christ Bro Will

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We should be a light on Facebook

When I was in junior college I did a research paper on social networking. It was kinda interesting that what people were posting on their facebook or MySpace.  We can be the light and Salt of the world on Facebook and MySpace.  I found out in my research that colleges and places of employment check social networking to see who you really are, so be careful of what you post on the Web.  Remember we are the light of the world.

God Bless Bro Will.

Will Parsons Ministry Intern

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