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Energizer bunny

Do you remember the energizer bunny commercial. He keeps going and going.  That”s how I felt this last trimester at William Carey University. I just finished up the winter trimester and it was the most challenging semester I ever had in my life.  Iit was sometimes frustrated with late nights of studying and writing papers I knew it would be hard to finish, but I knew I had to finish strong, because in James chapter one it tells us to persevere and finish strong. Let me ask you a question: when things happen in your life, do you finish strong? This semester I challenge you to finish strong!  The Word says it’s going to be hard and I speak from experience that it is true. So in closing remember to be strong and finish strong.

In Christ Bro Will

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The Love

1 John 3:16

16This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.

I am always amazed at how much Christ loves us ALL!  I couple of years ago, I worked at a home for at-risk youth.  I honestly had no idea how much love (the correct kind of love) and discipline (the correct kind) these kids needed.  These youth came from all different backgrounds:  drug abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, neglection, and the list just goes on and on.  Through working with these youth, sometimes they would take their frustrations and anger out on me.  Let me just inform you…1 year before working with these youth, I worked as a repo man.  So I’ve been cussed and screamed at:  no big deal!  Well, when some of these youth would take their frustrations and anger out on me (for nothing I’ve done except try to love them) I heard words I didn’t hear as a repo guy felt my ear drums build so much pressure that I really thought they might just bust!  One day I was dealing with this one youth that I spent a lot of time trying to break through to him.  At one point I thought:  I think I’m making a difference in this guy’s life.  Well this particular day, this guy blew up on me like a bomb in an elevator!  I felt every muscle in my body begin to strain, my fist begin to clinch tight, and my head feel like it was going to explode when all of the sudden something made me think of Christ!  Immediately, my ears did not hear this kid anymore and my thoughts began to think of speaking to my Savior (Jesus).  I can remember saying:  “Jesus, you have to remove me from this situation before I hurt this kid.”    Well, He did just that!  He removed me from the situation by this kid getting so frustrated with me ignoring him that he ran out of the house…thankfully!!!  As the rest of the day went on, I thought about my Savior and His love.

Jesus laid down His life for me, but He also laid down His life for this youth and other people just like him.  He laid down His life for the people that were screaming in His ear, cussing Him, and telling Him they wanted no part with Him!  He still loved them enough to die for them, even though they hated Him!  I began to think about if I truly had pity on these youth as they were in need of the correct kind of love and discipline in their lives.  I asked myself, “Am I showing these kids the love that Christ shows to me and to everyone else?”  My answer was no.  At this point, I began seeking to show these kids the love Christ showed me through my actions both when they would blow up on me and when they wanted to be my friend.  I’m proud to say that even to this day:  almost 3 years later, I still talk to these kids.  Yes, they still disappoint in a lot of ways.  However, I know I still disappoint my Jesus too, but He still loves me!  Make a difference in someone’s life by  showing them the love that Christ shows us all!

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We should be a light on Facebook

When I was in junior college I did a research paper on social networking. It was kinda interesting that what people were posting on their facebook or MySpace.  We can be the light and Salt of the world on Facebook and MySpace.  I found out in my research that colleges and places of employment check social networking to see who you really are, so be careful of what you post on the Web.  Remember we are the light of the world.

God Bless Bro Will.

Will Parsons Ministry Intern

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