Scrub a Toilet

Posted on March 8, 2010

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Scrub a Toilet

I remember when I was hired at The Grove Church.  I was told my job description would be to learn about ministry in a church. Since we are a new church, we do not have a secretary or janitor, which means those duties fall upon the staff.  The student pastor and I clean the church, take out trash, and clean the restrooms every Friday.  While most people say those jobs are what a grunt or goffer does, and little respect is given to those who do these tasks, may I remind you that this true in the secular world, but not in the Christian world. I find it very humbling to do these tasks, although I also do other things for the church like teach, make visits, and help plan ministry events with our staff.
I remember hearing a pastor explain it like a pyramid. In the secular world, the CEO is on top, and the lowest people are on the bottom of the pyramid. Well in Christian leadership it’s the opposite.  We lead by humility. We do not lead with pide and power, and the interesting way God reminds us where we are in our leadership is when we find ourselves scrubing toilets and washing dishes. We should remember that Christ washed the diciples feet in the upper room. The feet were dirty and smelly, but he washed them to show how a leader should lead. We may not wash feet in the 21st century, but I can tell you, we still can lead by humility!  Today, may I recommend some reading?  Study John chapter 14, or you can read Jesus on Leadership by C. Gene Wilks.

4 thoughts on “Scrub a Toilet

  • Vicki

    Good job, Will!

  • Drew

    Everybody’s gotta put some elbow grease into it for Jesus here and there! You’re doing a fine job!

  • Justin

    Made me think. Good post Will.

  • Tom


    Came across your site through

    What you say is so true. I remember when I first came to the ministry I am at and I was on the leadership team and was doing the laundry for the men living in the shelter and they could not understand why I did that and not farm it out to some “underling”. I felt it a service to the Lord. Jesus said “he that will be great among you let him be your minister also” (read minister as servant) Matthew 20:25-26.

    BTW like what you have done with the website.

    God Bless

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