What is a Care Pastor?

Posted on November 17, 2010

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What is a Care Pastor?

Many people have wondered what is a Care Pastor?  A Care Pastor is someone who cares for the congregation when a member or someone is in need.  When I was younger, I always liked to help people.  I believe that is one of my gifts.  Whether it just be checking in on someone, encouraging, or making a hospital visit.  Jesus emphasized care in his ministry that he had for three years. He cared for the outcasts, the prostitute,  and the tax collector.  They were people that were reaching out to fill a void in their heart.  That is where my ministry comes in of caring for people.  I have enjoyed being The Grove Church Care Pastor for our congregation.  I also believe and encourage our congregation to pray.  Prayer is a communication with God – not just a one way street where we talk – we must also learn to listen to God. Prayer goes both ways.  As your Care Pastor, I encourage you to communicate with God on a daily basis.
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Brother Will

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