Labor Day

Posted on September 5, 2010

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Labor Day

As I write this blog, I’m thinking of what the Labor Day holiday represents for those who labor for our country. It was started for the union movement to help workers represent their needs so that employers won’t take advantage of them. My dad believed in unions. As a matter of fact, this past summer he was voted in as Vice President of IBEW local 605 . When compared to the kingdom of God, we as believers in Christ are to labor for the kingdom. Know that the bible says works wont get us into Heaven, but only faith can in Jesus Christ. We know that God took a break on the seventh day in Genesis and He says we also should rest. But remember, we as Christians should be laboring for the kingdom with the strength of Christ for “I can do all thing in Christ who strengthens me.” While this does not mean we can jump over a building, we can retrieve strength through Christ when we are doing something for Him. I hope you all have a good Labor Day and God bless!

Care Pastor
Will Parsons

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