The King

Posted on December 15, 2009

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The King

As many people know, I am deeply intrigued with movies.  I recall when the movie “300” first came out on DVD.  I rushed over to Best Buy around 11:00 p.m. to purchase the movie because I was afraid they would run out of the $10 copies of the movie.  Interesting enough they did!  I ended up purchasing the $20 uncut version.  As I watched the movie, which depicted the Battle of Thermopylae, I began to see many similarities between Jesus and Satan.  At one point in the movie, the Spartan King Leonidas was standing before the Persian god-King Xerxes.  At this point in the movie, Xerxes has sacrificed many of his soldiers trying to conquer Sparta.  Xerxes tells King Leonidas that he will spare Sparta and make him a King if he will only kneel and worship at his feet.  Of course King Leonidas refuses what Xerxes has offered.  Xerxes is greatly offended and tells King Leonidas that he has no problem sacrificing any of his soldiers to overtake the 300 soldiers of Sparta.  King Leonidas simply responds:  “You would gladly sacrifice any of your soldiers while I would gladly die for any of mine“.  It is at this point in the movie that one realizes exactly what kind of King is ruling the Spartan empire!

I think over and over about the kind of King that rules my life.  I have a King that refused to bow at Satan’s feet, when he offered Him the world.  I have a King that gave up a heavenly throne to come to a lowly place just so I can one day spend an eternity with Him in paradise!  I have a King that words cannot describe and thoughts cannot consume!  I have a King that gladly took my place on a cross that was mine, died so that I could have life, and did it all while carrying the burdens of my sin!  I serve an amazing King!  In fact, He is not just a King, He is THE KING!  I wish everyone knew the love of my King.  Not only did He die for me, but He died for you also.  My King Jesus died to bring life!  Let me ask:  How many Presidents, Kings, Bosses, Emperors, or ect. have given their life for you?  How many have given up everything and taken your place?  I know of one:  Jesus!

The Gospel of John in the Bible says in chapter 20 verse 31 that “everything written in this book is so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name“.

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    Great thoughts Britt!

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