Child Safety

In addition to our secure check in procedure, all children’s workers must agree to submit to a background check. If any problems occur where the parent must be notified, your child’s security code will display on the screen alerting you to meet the children’s workers. In addition, all toys are sanitized after use to help keep healthy children and prevent the spread of illness.

Separation Anxiety

As you know, it is normal for little ones to cry when leaving a parent especially in a new place. This does not last long and separation becomes easier over time. Our caring leaders will immediately try to soothe your child while assuring them that you will return soon. It is usually best to allow the parent to leave as they will tend to be calm sooner. However, if crying persists for 10 minutes, we will alert the parents.



Your Child’s Health

We operate a well-child program. For the protection of all the children in our ministry, we cannot accept a child with a runny nose, fresh cold (four days or less), fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other signs of illness. We request that you not place your child in the program while they are at risk of exposing other children. Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our children happy and healthy.

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