Posted on March 18, 2010

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You may not know it, but the student past (Britt) and I have a little competition going on. He has the the blackberry curve and I have the iphone.  The competition is to see who has the best app for there phone. I have a new app I can’t wait to show him, but he always gets me when he says do you have the app that charges your phone and I respond  they don’t have an app for that. We live in a society that is dependent on quick fixes and is amazed by new technology. People say they have an app for everything, but one thing they don’t have a app for is a broken heart.

It reminds me of the rich young ruler who came to Jesus and asked “what must I do get into heaven.”  Jesus responded to him, “sell all what you have and follow me.” Rather than following Jesus, he went back to his wealth and possessions living  the life he wanted to live. So the truth is thatjesus is the only one can heal a broken heart that is filed with sin. Will you let him heal your heart and stop trying to fill your life with apps that leave you wanting more. Lets sayif we compare your self to a smart phone: what apps would you fiill your life with instead of Christ?

Well there is the Consumer app- This App is made up of Wall street, Ebay and Amazon which try to make you fill the void of unhappiness with quick fixes that don’t last.

Addicted app: This is your favorite app: the one you go to all the time. It can be sex, drugs, or alchohol

The Controller app: this app hasto be over someone or something, trying to fill your void with power and popularity.

You may realize one of these apps represent you. Remeber what I said about the only one who can fill the void. That is Christ and Christ alone!

In Christ Bro Will

3 thoughts on “APP WARS!

  • Britton

    Good post Will! You’re right, Jesus is the only one we truly need!

  • Justin Grice

    But can Jesus charge your phone? Oh wait, actually he can. 🙂 haha. Good post Will.

  • Drew

    You whipper-snappers and your schnazzy gadgets! Good thing you don’t need an app for direct communication with Christ. God’s app is pretty basic…the Holy Spirit. Good post Will. Carry on!

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