Church Using Social Media to Reach More People

Church using Social Media to Reach More People
Hattiesburg, MS
The methods of churches reaching people has evolved from large crusades and door-to-door cold call visits to Facebook invites and blog discussions. The Grove Church, a new church launched in September of 2009, focuses on social media to tell the masses about Jesus.
“These days if you aren’t on facebook or twitter, you don’t come up on people’s radar,” said Greg Johnston, Lead Pastor.
The Grove Church’s “Connection Pastor”, Justin Grice, is responsible for maintaining the online community. “We are committed to connecting people to God, to others, and to service. Sometimes that means connecting online through social media” Grice said. “Every person on our church staff writes a blog to stay connected with our congregation. These days people don’t just want to hear a sermon on Sunday. They want to know what you are thinking about during your everyday life on Monday.”
New methods are needed to gain followers as membership in mainline churches drops. The Southern Baptist Convention, with which The Grove Church is affiliated, has seen a decline in membership and baptisms. “We have been gripped by the reality of the lost condition of our world and about our condition as a denomination, but through this journey we have also been set on fire by the call of God to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Ronnie Floyd, chairman of the SBC’s Great Commission Resurgence Task Force.
The Southern Baptist Convention is rolling out an aggressive campaign over the weeks before and after Easter to bring people to church. It has developed a video rich website at with personal stories of people who found hope from trusting in Jesus. The website is coupled with television advertising that will play locally on WDAM as well as flyers left at doors inviting people to church this Easter.
“It is my prayer that God uses the Find it Here effort to show people the love of Christ,” Grice said. “People, especially young people, feel burned by churches. I hope that people will see through our reaching out online and on television that we do care about their hurts and don’t look down on them.” The Grove Church meets at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday’s and is found online at
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The Grove Church's purpose is to connect people to God, to others, and to service. The church officially launched in September of 2009 and is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.